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A little backstory - 


We have been ready for this day for the last seven years. We met in 2014 at Ginny's Little Longhorn where Megan was a bartender. After several cordial rejections of her patron, weeks later, Megan finally agreed to go on a date with Chris and the rest is history. 

We've since formed a band, the Eastern Leaves, as you all know. Music is one of the many threads in our relationship. So is any opportunity to experience the world with our pups, Wolfgang and Sadie. We have traveled Europe. We have driven across the country. We're avid cooks. We love photography, more recently on 35mm film. Megan is a birder. Chris is a hawk. 


But our first road trip in winter of 2014 was to a little set of cabins tucked in the San Cristobal mountains outside of Taos. There we spent several days enjoying time away from the city. The Taos Goji Berry farm is a delightfully rustic and scenic place where we spent our first vacation. Now we are inviting you there to share our wedding day with us. 


Due to Covid-19, we have rescheduled our wedding for June 5th, 2021. HOPE to see you this coming summer in the beautiful San Cristobal Canyon at the Taos Goji Berry Farm.


We love you, and see you all soon. 


Chris & Megan 

Last Update: 5/24/21

Next Update: 5/31/21

Updates include:

• Rehearsal dinner location and time

• Band Info

• Printable Map

Saturday, June 5th, 2021
at the
Taos Goji Berry Farm 
Taos, New Mexico


Chris cell 303.718.9440

Megan cell 512.803.8839

Registry Information

We would prefer to not travel with gifts. If you would like to make a donation to our new beginning, you can do so by clicking the link below:


Weekend Schedule 


4p | Wedding Rehearsal

  *Wedding Party only 

5:30 | Rehearsal Dinner

   Taos Ale HOUSE.   MAP



4:30p-5p | Arrival at Taos Goji

5:30 | Ceremony

6:30 | Dinner & 


Music, Stories, Champagne, Flowers & amore

Wedding Rates Available at these hotels: 


Kachina Lodge



Historic Taos Inn



10:30 Breakfast Brunch at La Cueva

RSVP Here....

Our Favorite Things to do in Taos

Some local flavors of Taos, New Mexico

We don’t know all there is to know about Taos, but we have a few favorite stops that we would recommend: 



La Cueva - Breakfast by the fire. Traditional Mexican food featuring our favorite, Huevos Rancheros. 


Honorable Mentions Before Noon. Bear Claw, for its handcrafted baked goods, delicious breakfast and sometimes short wait list. Michael’s Kitchen is a local favorite but it comes with a longer wait list. 



Local Flavors After Noon 

The “Best Green Chile” is a lofty claim in this city of old world culinary traditions. We might point you to Ranchos Plaza Grill, Adobe Bar (Doc Martin’s) at the Taos Inn, or Michael’s Kitchen. But if you stopped by La Cueva for breakfast, you’ve probably already killed two birds with one stone. 


Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn - Our favorite happy hour featuring live music, great margaritas, and on occasion an inconspicuous, unknown Hollywood actor. There is a story in here.

The Love Apple is a Northern New Mexican restaurant emphasizing local, organic home cooking depending on your season of pandemic and dinner reservations. 


Eske’s Pub was, at one time, our favorite beer upon arrival in Taos. They have a small kitchen serving sandwiches and soups.  Now, we have a hard time passing up Taos Mesa Brewery on your way to (or from) the spectacular sight of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Or, the Taos Mesa Brewing (downtown location) serves wood fired pizzas that are great considering they’re in the middle of New Mexico.

La Cueva // Downtown Taos // M. Laprelle

Dessert, Espresso, and Chocolate!

Chokola is a small-batch, organically crafted bean-to-bar chocolate maker located in Taos, New Mexico.  Yes you should, and take your time. 


World Cup Coffee - As a touring musician, I would always stop by this little espresso bar with a big heart for a coffee and a postcard. 


Shops in the John Dunn Square

Among all the art galleries, trading posts, mercantile and textile shops in the John Dunn Market,  Op. Cit Books is a charming, little bookstore and a regular stop for us if you like that sort of thing. Either way, the square is the first timers touristy thing to do in Taos. 


Groceries and Wine

Cid’s Market is where we go for northern New Mexico organic, prepared, local, natural, and gourmet groceries. The Cellar, located in the same parking lot as Cid’s Market, has a choice wine selection. 


Yes. It’s worth the drive….


Ten minutes outside of Taos to the west, the "Rio Grande Gorge Bridge" is a steel deck arch bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge. Try standing roughly 600 ft above the Rio Grande. It is the tenth highest bridge in the United States, and it’s a thrill. 


Just west the gorge bridge, you will find local Native American markets in the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge parking lot. These vendors are most likely selling handcrafted artifacts ranging from jewelry to pottery. We stop by every time we travel through town. If you come across a woman named, Chile Flower, say hello for us!


A little south of downtown Taos and worth the five minute drive…. San Francisco De Asis Church has a rich, 200 year history inside. The historic “Ranchos Church” which was built in the early 1800’s. It is the only original church which remains intact in the Taos area.  It has been artistically recorded by 20th Century artists, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams, and many others.

And a longer drive you won’t soon forget….

It’s called “the Enchanted Circle” and this two+ hour round trip drive from Taos, to Red River, to Eagle Nest and home will take you a little longer than two hours if you like to stop and look around the way we do. The mountain views, waterfalls, streams, and shops can make a for a great adventure. We have even spotted Golden Eagles while driving through the canyons and caverns around Taos. So keep your eyes to the wind…..

Chris and Megan

San Francisco de Asis Church // M. LaPrelle

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